fanaccount. 20131122.

I was waiting for jinki at the backgate of sm today cos exo is hk, so there was totally no fans. An old series bmw came in and i knew its jinki’s . After awhile, jinki came out with a dongsaeng, i think its manager. so i went to the guy and i went “for onew…” and he signalled me to pass to jinki myself. As i walk toward jinki, he was making a call, i (cant rmber but i assume) i went “onew-ssi” and he look at me with the “?” look. He wasnt pissed nor happy but i think he was concentrating on the call. So i explained that I am from SG and this is present (i swear its a normal sentence in krn). All the while he was holding the phone and looking at my paper bag, nodding and going “neh”. So after i hand him the stuffs he said “Gomawoyo” (IN THE NASAL VOICE) and slowly went away. He was really nice, he wasnt even hurrying me or do the “idol walk, fan follow” thing. i think i died today.